Retail Pro

TGE Software is dedicated to serving as an extension to the IT departments of retailer business partners and their customers. We have built products to extend the functionality of a number of point of sale solutions, and in the coming year we anticipate releasing an entire slate of cloud-based solutions and integrations. We also offer custom software services at competitive rates.

We have Retail Pro certifications for Prism Systems Engineer and Applications Expert, and experience with creating customizations for Retail Pro 8, 9, and Prism.

Locally connects your POS system directly to internet shoppers. Basic service is free to shops and includes listing your merchandise in the marketplace and on brand sites. Shops can also host a complete catalog in real-time on their own sites for as little as $99/mo.

TGE Software is proud to provide connectors to the product locator service for Retail Pro 8, Retail Pro 9, and Retail Pro Prism.


Brandify connects your brand with customers and drives traffic to your locations with a solution suite that is flexible and customizable to fit your brandís needs.

TGE Software is proud to provide connectors to the Brandify product locator service for Retail Pro 8, Retail Pro 9, and Retail Pro Prism.


Save yourself hours of time figuring out how to get data out of Retail Pro in real time. Quanta is a data event signalling system designed to function as the affordable middleware for generating messages for insert, update, and delete events on every BO object that the Retail Pro 8 and Retail Pro 9 customization APIs support, in various formats, either putting the data into a drop file or transmitting the data by FTP, SFTP, HTTP, SHTTP, or Dropbox.

Shorten your development cycle, save R&D dollars, and concentrate on what happens to the data after it reaches its destination.


Glubol transforms Retail Pro 8 and Retail Pro 9 into REST data servers, allowing external systems to create, read, update, and delete/deactivate records in any business object supported by the Retail Pro customization API, and even optimizing read access using direct queries where possible. It supports XML, JSON, and even CSV for data formats.

Glubol also provides a script server. This facility allows a developer to execute complex behaviors on the server side, receiving the results in any format needed. Glubol can even talk to other Glubol servers, and can be networked together to provide real time access to data on specific systems.

Rather than spending months figuring out how to work around Retail Pro's ideosyncracies, use Glubol as your middleware to move data in and out of Retail Pro's databases.

V9 Pulse

V9 Pulse is a browser based app designed to be similar to Retail Pro's Pulse for Retail Pro 8. Data is aggregated in real time so that a user can see reports on the data in their browser. Because the aggregate is in a separate set of tables, a developer could also leverage the data for their own purposes.


RDroid is an Android-based client for Retail Pro 8 and 9. It supports working with customer, invoice, sales order, and inventory data (including a physical inventory function) RDroid is powered by Glubol.


CustomerScan is a driver's license scanning app, with Windows and Android flavors. This app provides a fast way to scan customers into your Retail Pro 8 or 9 database, and print custom forms with the customer information.

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