RDroid: Mobility for Retail Pro 8 and 9

TGE Software recently acquired RDroid, an Android-based client for Retail Pro 8 or 9. RDroid currently provides functions for reading and writing customer, invoice, sales order, inventory, and physical inventory data, using the C-Port server back-end. RDroid is available now for production use.

RDroid works a very wide range of devices, from small consumer grade tablets up to hardened enterprise-ready point of sale devices. It natively supports a variety barcode scanner technologies and printers.

RDroid 4.0

While C-Port is an impressive and solid piece of work, plans are currently underway to convert RDroid to use Glubol as it's back-end server. This will make it possible to create purchase orders, transfer orders, slips, and vouchers, to work with more of the customer data, to process orders when creating invoices, etc. through RDroid.

All existing RDroid users will be migrated to Glubol and their licenses transfered free of charge.

Contact TGE Software to see an online live demo of RDroid, C-Port, and Glubol.

You can email me at todd at tgesoft dot com
or call me at (209) 679-2802