Pulse: The Gap

Users of Retail Pro 8 had at their disposal a powerful tool for monitoring the status of their stores, the productivity of their employees, and the movement of their inventory. They became accustomed to the level of information that Pulse for Retail Pro 8 gave them.

Which made the lack of an equivalent tool in Retail Pro 9 a bit of shock to the system. While Retail Pro 9 implemented an excellent reporting facility built on Crystal Reports, the reporting system by itself wasn't capable of aggregating data from across the enterprise for a near real-time view.

Filling the Gap

TGE Software's Pulse for Retail Pro 9 does more than just provide the functionality that Pulse for V8 supplied. Pulse for V9 does similar aggregation of data, but the tables it uses are open for access by third party developers, and the view of the data is entirely browser based.

Once the data is aggregated, per the user's criteria, the data can either be accessed in the tables or the developer can create an interface to the Pulse for V9 data server, which can not only control the aggregation process, but also returns requests for data in easily consumable XML or JSON.

So Pulse for V9 is not only an end product unto itself, but can function as middleware that can crunch the data and serve up the result for third party products.

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