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Glubol REST layer for legacy systems

Glubol is a REST server on top of the Retail Pro database. Starting out as a script server intended to provide maximum access to the Retail Pro 8 and 9 plug-in interfaces, its REST interface builds on that to give developers a simple means of accessing Retail Pro's data. The intention is to provide access to any business object surfaced by the plug-in interface and, where called for, to maximize performance by using direct read-only access to any table or view used by Retail Pro.

In physics, a glubol is a theoretical particle consisting entirely of gluons, or particles that carry the strong nuclear force. Glubol, and its sister product Quanta, are designed to facilitate a strong, cohesive, stable, integration between disparate systems.



V8 and V9

You've probably got a collection of old CDs, records, tapes, whatever, laying in a closet somewhere collecting dust. If you could have the entire collection digitized in one pass, would you do it?

Now imagine your V8 and V9 databases are suddenly directly accessible using web application technologies for shopping carts, online reports, integrations with off-the-shelf, market-leading, data management solutions, etc., simply by installing one application. Imagine writing network appliances in C#, Java, Ruby, Perl, Go, Angular, Node.js -- you name it -- and accessing the V8 or V9 data using Retail Pro's internal business rules. All the power, no risk, and you saved months of development time.



Glubol's REST Treatment

Glubol expresses each BO accessible through the Retail Pro plug-in API as a resource, accepting requests that detail the attributes to retrieve, the filters to be applied, the sort order to use, the format used for the request and response, and the maximum number of rows to return. It supports the following operations, mapped to HTTP verbs: Create=POST, Read=GET, Update=PUT, and Delete=DELETE.

So that a given request to read customers who last made a purchase on January 1st, 2019, might look something like this:




Glubol's Script Server

The script server implements a very simple macro language that gives direct access to the plug-in API, allowing a developer to implement complex behaviors and execute them on the server.

Additionally, Glubol is designed to talk to other Glubol servers as a network. Scripts can be broadcast and the results aggregated and acted upon by the requester. Each Glubol acts as a separate, powerful node, with the capability of multiprocessing transactional analysis across the enterprise.



The following links allow you to download the installer for Glubol for Retail Pro 8, Glubol Lite for Retail Pro 9, and the GTest utility documentation. The full version of Glubol for Retail Pro 9 can be obtained upon request and requires that a test license be created on the TGE Software systems.

Contact TGE Software to see an online live demo of Glubol.


Glubol Lite for Retail Pro 9

Glubol Lite for Retail Pro 9

Released November 9th, 2016

Glubol for Retail Pro 8

Glubol for Retail Pro 8

Updated January 26th, 2018

Glubol Test Utility

Glubol Test Utility

Updated August 26th, 2019

Glubol Developer Guide

Glubol API and GTest Documentation